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5 Reasons to Plan a Wellness Retreat at Red Mountain Resort

Updated: May 23, 2021

2021 is a year to renew your spirit and focus on wellness! After months of sheltering in place and adjusting to new self-care techniques on zoom, my girlfriends and I were in desperate need of some relaxation. So I partnered with the Red Mountain Resort. I had previously booked clients for retreats and hiking trips but had never had an opportunity to visit myself. In January of 2021, when my friend said she needed a girlfriend get-a-away, I knew the Red Mountain Essential Retreat was the perfect solution!

My typical vacation style is usually an active one, and when I work with clients, I always ensure they balance their style with their travel companions. My girlfriend, I had traveled with before, and we both agreed this would have a medium level of activities scheduled for a wellness/fitness retreat. We discussed an off-campus day at Zion National Park and all the activities we would participate in at the resort. The plan focused on returning to healthy fitness habits, not a stressful over-loaded day with too many activities. The goal was to relax and refresh our spirits. So here are the five reasons you should take a wellness retreat.


Some people tend to over-schedule their activities which add stress to their life. But, on vacations, I suggest you should make a point to leave some time open for any "in-the-moment" decisions to alleviate the pressure of over-committing your time. The scheduled activities at Red Mountain Resort provide you the freedom to make your own choices. You can review the calendar ahead of your trip and schedule classes before you get there or when you arrive. We checked out the list of their activities before our trip and decided which fitness classes, excursions, daily hikes, culinary experiences, and tours were a "MUST DO" on the drive in from Las Vegas. One entire day of the four full days we planned would be at Zion National Park. The other days we wanted to have a decent amount of relaxation at the spa with one to two planned hikes each day. You can design ALL your hikes and classes or NONE of them ahead of your arrival. The Red Mountain Resort amenities include:

  • A fitness center with Wellness classrooms for "MELT" therapy

  • A spa with a wet sauna and a beautiful view of the mountains

  • An indoor pool for laps(closed during our stay due to the pandemic)

  • 3 Outdoor heated pools for relaxation

  • 3 Outdoor hot tubs

The campus was intimate and smaller than some wellness retreats, which I enjoyed as it wasn't hard to find class locations and didn't take 20 minutes by foot to get from one end of the resort to the other. Their programming offers unique events and experiences like a hike to a Lava Tube which we did and had a blast! You can see some of the resort offerings here.


In the Metro Detroit area, our motto is "We Hustle Harder," in St. George, Utah, it's entirely the opposite. While a small town, one of our hiking guides, John, shared with us that it's the 5th largest growing city in the United States. The beautiful city has a unique history with mountains and deserts right in the background. I needed the calm pace of the town and enjoyed the peaceful, cooling wind on hikes in Snow Canyon Park, which is adjacent to the resort. No obscure noises from machinery, anxiety-induced crowds, or the loud freeway sound from cars. This place forces you to take a breathe and still your mind. I could acclimate almost immediately upon arriving in the reception area of the resort.


I am an adventure lover but understand not everyone gets an adrenaline rush from climbing the side of a mountain. I started my travel agency in 2017 to inspire clients to travel and explore new experiences and destinations. Be intentional by visiting a new destination while vacationing. When you do, you will create memories and build bonds with your travel companions. An example is this trip I discovered my girlfriend didn't care for heights. She and I still hiked up some mountain areas, and she opted to push her limits a bit to take in all the scenery.

At Zion National Park, we skipped Angel's Landing but made it to the top of all three Emeralds Ponds! When you're hiking, you focus on each step, not just what's ahead or behind, which can feel therapeutic. Pro tip if you travel this summer to Zion, be sure to log on to to pre-buy your bus shuttle tickets. Due to the pandemic, the park has limited seats on the shuttle, and you aren't allowed into the park without a ticket pre-purchased for a specific entry time.

While in St. George, be sure to schedule one of Red Mountain Resort's guided hiking tours to Snow Canyon State Park. We learned a lot about the local areas during our guided tour and had a unique climb in an underground lava cave. Here are some of the local hikes to check out:

  • Candy Cliffs

  • Pine Valley Mountains in Dixie National Forest

  • Camelback Mountain

These locations are something to consider for your adventure trip to Utah. During our stay, we both enjoyed walks around the resort, helped ourselves to fruit, snacks, and drinks, and just soaked it all the dry, warm sunny weather. The hammocks strategically placed around campus made welcoming spots to enjoy the blooming cacti, flowers, and hummingbirds all around the resort.


I love recommending to my clients solo trips and do believe they're good for the soul. However, on this trip, I was inspired to share Utah's famous Zion National Park with her. At Red Mountain, they specialize in retreat packages for solo travelers or pairs, groups, and girls getaway. My friend and I are both entrepreneurs, and we both have been putting in long hours for months without a break. We could slow down and settle into a relaxed routine – like eating at a usual hour, getting plenty of sleep, drinking a healthy amount of water each day, and exercise. We talked about kids and our lives and enjoyed the natural surrounding together each day. It was refreshing to enjoy the moment.


At the end of the trip, we all felt calm and reconnected with our spirit. If you're thinking of planning a renewal retreat for yourself, with a loved one, or even a group of friends, let me recommend Utah. If you enjoy walks, hiking, biking, yoga and want to check out Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, and other popular destinations close to St. George, this is a fantastic choice.

Pro tip: American Airlines now has direct flights to St. George from Salt Lake City. If your a Delta Airlines fan, fly non-stop from Detroit to Las Vegas and rent a car. It ends up being a 2 hours drive into St. George, and with a car, you can explore the parks without the need for a scheduled tour.

A huge thank you to the Red Mountain Resort for this rejuvenating stay and the hospitality. If your book your trip here, schedule a call HERE, and I can provide you the upgrades and amenities you deserve for your R&R getaway!

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