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8 Spectacular River Cruises to Celebrate Your Return to Travel

Celebrate your retirement with a cruise that will allow you to explore multiple destinations at once! Why fret about picking one place when you can visit numerous, gorgeous places in a single trip?

Experience the total relaxation and the indulgence to treat yourself. Here are the eight top-rated options to get the maximum fun and adventure in heading towards another phase of life.

Danube River

The Danube River Cruise includes a seven-day itinerary with scenic and historical highlights such as the Melk Abbey and Wachau Valley. Europe’s most notable cities, including the captivating Budapest and breathtaking city of Budapest, will be the showstoppers of the trip.


If you crave to do something different, an ocean cruise is something most people don’t often think about. The icy, breathtaking views of the scenery and wildlife in Antarctica will take your breath away. Gaze at the humpback whales and cute penguins spread around the icebergs,

The Amazon

Cruise through the jungly Amazon River, perfect for couples and adventurers. It’s practically a floating hotel in the middle of the jungle! For a better experience, combine the cruise with a culinary trip through Machu Picchu and Arequipa/Cusco.

British Virgin Islands

Experience the lush and lavish in the British Virgin Islands, and enjoy snorkeling, picnics, and making stops to experience beautiful destinations such as Trellis Bay, Virgin Gorda, Anegada Island, and more. Sip a cocktail and enjoy the view.

Indonesian Islands

Adventure out into the Indonesian Islands, where you can visit Bali and Flores and stop at Komodo National Park and Moyo Island. Head towards the Coral Triangle, where you’ll get a chance to snorkel with some of the most diverse marine species in the world!

Nile River

Take a boat down the Nile in Egypt and come across some of the most beautiful landscapes in complete luxury. Explore ancient sites such as the Valley of Kings and the Pyramids of Giza.

French Polynesia

Take a cruise on The Aranui (half freighter, half passenger vessel) through the Marquesas Islands, indulge in the Bora Bora islands, and end the trip off staying in an overwater bungalow.

Are you ready to experience cruises in a completely different way? Contact the travel advisor today to score the best river cruise deals yet!

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