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Four Must-See Destinations in Chile

Recently I shared 5 Bucket-List Trips you should plan at least a year in advance, and Patagonia is one of these trips. Patagonia’s location is between Chile(10%) and Argentina(90%). So let’s take a closer look at the must-see areas of Chile!

If you lay Chile out across the United States, it will reach nearly from coast to coast. Chile contains a wide variety of climates and geographies in its 2,700-mile length. Visitors can have an astonishing number of diverse experiences awaiting them. With the Andes on one side and the other side the Pacific, Chile offers a world-class list of things to see and do. It blends the indigenous culture with the Spanish and other different European heritages for a welcoming embrace.

When you see Chile on a map, it’s hard not to notice how narrow the country is. It happens to be one of the narrowest nations globally, yet it’s borders provide some of the most diverse terrains. From waterfalls to mountains, hot springs to volcanoes… you never know what you might come across next. It’s no secret that the country provides a vast array of exciting things to do and see for people of all ages. As a foreigner entering the nation, you will find that the rich culture, fantastic cuisine, lively nightlife, and sightseeing can keep you busy for a lifetime, so we’ve created a list of four of Chile’s best destination spots that you must-see first.


Santiago is the capital of this majestic country, and it certainly doesn’t lack character. As the largest city in Chile, you will find that residents and tourists favor it for many reasons. Each neighborhood nestled within the city’s borders is distinctly different from the next. For instance, as you enter Bellavista, you are introduced to historical European homes and free-spirited energy that you simply can’t ignore. With colorful buildings, marketplaces, and street art around nearly every corner, your eyes could wonder each crevice and still find new details while your ears get to hear the pleasant sounds of live music fill the air.


If the street art of Santiago gave your eyes pleasure, wait until you experience Valparaiso. This city is one of the most desirable places for tourists due to its bountiful amount of cafes, art galleries, and coffee shops. Take the rich history of this Santiago suburb in by viewing the protest art created by young protesters in the 60s and 70s that referred to themselves as the “Ramona Parra Brigades,” or take a walk through the open museum of Museo a Cielo Abierto to get a glimpse of murals that are beyond your wildest dreams.

Isla Grande de Chiloe

Isla Grande de Chiloe’s beautiful beaches and thickly forested areas seem to go on forever with their beauty. As you explore, you will find waterfalls, wildlife, and unoccupied beaches no matter where you go on the island. The winter months in Chiloe may not allow residents and tourists to take advantage of the many water activities they enjoy, but that certainly doesn’t stop the penguins.

San Pedro de Atacama

Known as one of the driest desert regions on this planet, San Pedro de Atacama isn’t for everyone visiting Chile’s beautiful countryside. However, if you are an outdoors enthusiast, the area provides some of the best night skies and exciting hiking adventures. Make sure to check out the volcano Lascar situated at the arc connecting four countries before you head to the geyser field of El Tatio for a soak in its hot springs.

If you’ve been holding off on your planning a trip to South America, why not consider Chile? I have a well-planned itinerary for Chile and the Patagonia region with a unique “Come With Us” tour this year! Click here to email and let me know you are interested in receiving the details!

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