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Norway's Five Must-See Cities

Picture perfect landscapes – from world-famous fjords, unbelievable mountain vistas, to fantastic cities – await you in Norway. Each region – south, west, interior, and arctic – is distinctly different. When you take in the wonder that is the northern lights or the sun glinting off an enormous glacier in one holiday, you will have a great adventure. The brilliant social and cultural life is in balance with its incredible natural beauty. There are cosmopolitan cities that highlight modern Scandinavian life and its traditional past. Norway is one of the most appealing and beautiful countries on earth.

Whether you are coming for the culture or looking to spend time outdoors, here are the five must-see Norwegian cities you can’t miss.


Olso is Norway’s capital and home, not just to the royal family but also to major cultural establishments. The town itself overlooks the Oslo Fjords to one side with panoramic mountain views on the other. History and culture seekers must visit the National Theatre, the National Museum of Art, the Nobel Peace Centre, The Munch Museum (home of Edvward Munch’s The Scream), and the Norwegian Opera and Ballet. A must-see is Folkemuseet, an interactive outdoor museum that features 150 historic buildings like the famous Stave Church. While you’re in Oslo, be sure to check out the Norwegian Folk Museum and Viking Ship Museum for a glimpse into the country’s past.


As the second-largest city in Norway, Bryggen is a 15th-century waterfront and an essential modern port for Norway. Bergen is a quintessential Norwegian town with old wooden boathouses that date back to the 12th century. The old wharf is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site and delights visitors with its ancient cobblestone streets and colorful buildings. No visit to Bergen is complete without sampling the local seafood! Enjoy the fish market at Hanseatic Wharf and after you explore the town, head out to explore the most breathtaking fjords in Norway. Seven mountains surround the city, which leads to lovely views no matter where you are.


Perfectly positioned in the middle of Norway’s coastline is the town of Trondheim. As the country’s third-largest city and former capital during the Viking era, Trondheim features a vibrant cafe culture in the colorful old quarter. Trondheim has many faces – it’s known for culture, technology, students, food, and cycling! The city hosts year-round festivals like the St. Olav Festival. Visit places like Sverresborg castle (12th century) and the Nidaros Cathedral – a pilgrimage site for almost 1000 years. Don’t forget the farmer’s market, the excellent restaurants, and the incredibly local breweries.


Located in the Arctic Circle, the Lofoten Islands is unbelievably beautiful. Even though its location is the same latitude as Greenland, the climate in this archipelago is relatively mild, thanks to the Gulf Stream. Nestled in this area is the charming fishing village of Henningsvaer. It’s known for its brightly painted houses that rise out of the sea and stand out against the harsh elements. The city can experience beautifully clear days with 24-hours of sunlight or found in a blanket of fresh snow throughout the year. One of the best ways to experience Henningsvaer is to charter a boat and cruise around the islands.


Despite its remote location deep within the Arctic Circle, Tromso is one of Norway’s most beautiful cities. Not only is it known for being a fantastic place to see the Northern Lights, but travelers can also enjoy dog sledding, spot reindeer, and tour centuries-old houses in this arctic winter wonderland. As one of the most northern of Norway’s cities, it is best known for the 18th-century wooden houses and the gorgeous natural surroundings. Located on Tromsoya, one of many islands in the region, are beautiful forests to ramble through. The Fjellheisen cable car trip to the top is a must-do for a first-time visitor.

Choose to travel to Norway. The less traveled European country of Norway will leave you in awe. You’ll experience the breathtaking natural beauty and stunning architecture. Reach out to us and start your planning today!

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