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  • 1-10 Points: Solo Traveler
    You love hitting the road solo and truly understand what it means to enjoy ultimate freedom on yours trips, as you never have to compromise your itinerary. Congratulations on having the courage to travel solo and grow your relationship with the world and yourself. Just make sure to employ practical travel safety tips and use your best judgment. Some recommended reads for you: The Essential Solo Traveler’s Survival Guide, How Solo Female Travel Changed My Life (And How It Can Change Yours, Too) and Tips For Convincing Loved Ones To Let You Travel Solo.
  • 11-20 Points: Adrenaline Junkie
    To you, travel is all about the rush. From summiting high peaks to jumping out of planes to traversing daunting trails, nothing makes you feel more alive than adrenaline pulsing through your veins. Luckily, the globe is full of far flung and even lesser-known adventures (extreme lava kayaking, anyone?). Just be sure not to fall too far off the deep end (literally). Some suggested adventures include paragliding in Colombia, trekking through the otherworldly Joshua Tree National Park and hiking and cycling through India.
  • 21-30 Points: Digital Nomad
    You’re obsessed with your gadgets, both home and on the road. You’re up on the latest digital trends, download the hottest travel apps and have almost as many followers on Instagram as Kim Kardashian. Trying out the latest gear and tech can be a lot of fun in our technologically-advanced society — I personally love social travel apps. Just make sure you’re still immersing yourself in local culture and really experiencing your destination.
  • 31-40 Points: Chilled Out Traveler
    No shoes, no shirt, no problem. Anything goes with you. You’re down for whatever, although you particularly love hammocks, beaches and anywhere where time slows down. You’ve mastered the art of relaxation, and when you travel you use this skill to the fullest. Just make sure your lax and go-with-the-flow nature doesn’t leave you constantly compromising what you really want to do for the sake of others. Some recommended posts to tickle your toes-in-the-sand fancy include 6 Secret Beaches To Visit In Saint Lucia, Learning To Stand Up Paddle Board In Tobago and Beyond Grand Cayman: Discovering Cayman Brac In The Caribbean.
  • 41-50 Points: Culture Carnivore
    Markets, art, museums, galleries. You love immersing yourself in local culture and truly being one with the community you’re visiting. This is a great attitude to have when traveling, as one of the best parts of seeing the world is, well, becoming more worldly. Many times when we meet locals they’re also interested in the culture you come from, so having some personal photos or momentos handy to show and tell can be fun. Some posts you may enjoy: Exploring Bogota By Bike, Tracing Chocolate History In Brooklyn and 5 Amazing Experiential Stays In Jordan.
  • 51-60 Points: Budget Conscious Vagabond
    You love experiencing the best of a place — at a certain price point. You stay in hostels, walk everywhere, cook your own meals and create DIY adventures instead of booking package tours. There’s nothing wrong with budget conscious — who doesn’t love traveling longer on less money? — as long as you make sure to break your travel budget when necessary. Some posts for your perusal: Essential Tips For Saving Money On Food While Traveling, The World On A Shoestring: Your Ultimate Guide To Traveling Long-Term On The Cheap and How To Hack Your Next Trip.
  • 61-70 Points: The Partier
    Body shots. Keg stands. Bar crawls. Booze cruises. Dancing until dawn. If it involves drinking up and getting down you’re in. You love experiencing the fun side of a destination, and what a place is like when the sun goes down. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Just make sure to know your limit, always keep your wits about you and use common sense to stay safe on the road.
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