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Deeper Relationships

New Insights

What your kids dream about might surprise you. - "I had all of my kids participate in the Virtuoso WanderList program. For my youngest daughter two top picks emerged - Disney and Thailand. Candius asked me "Disney is pretty obvious, but why do you think she chose Thailand?” I had no idea. Then it dawned on me. We have a honeymoon picture of us with elephants hanging on our wall. I never knew this photo quietly impacted my daughter. Needless to say, we will be creating new memories with HER in Thailand!"  - Sue M.

After all these years, I had no idea. - "My wife and I were intrigued by the idea of comparing our travel interests. After 24 years of marriage we should have a pretty good idea, right? Well, there were surprises. In a good way. While we were talking with Candius, my wife was reminiscing about the time she spent in France during college. I had no idea Paris held such special meaning for her. So guess what we did for our 25th Anniversary?" - Joe N


Give them the world. - "I was struggling to find a gift for my parents who don’t need more “stuff.” I had encouraged them to travel but their “busy” routine always seemed to get in the way. After learning about the VIP program, I knew it would be the perfect motivation for them. They were skeptical at first, but quickly became re-energized by all the possibilities. I just hope they don’t spend my entire inheritance. Then again, you can’t put a price on memories." - Matt P.

How travel dreamers become travel doers. - "After returning from our honeymoon, we knew travel was going to be an important part of our lives. The VIP program seemed like the perfect fit for us. Working with Candius we were able to map out not only the places and experiences we had dreamed about... she also provided a budget forecast to help us save for our future trips. Our bucket list is now becoming a reality!" - Adriana C


Return on Life. - "As a busy CEO, I believe in work/life balance. There is nothing worse than feeling burned out and unproductive. This past December, I was surprised to see how many vacation days went unused. To address this issue we gifted the VIP program as a special bonus and it has reinvigorated our culture. Colleagues enthusiastically share their travel stories, they anticipate each other's trips and even post photos on our bulletin board. Best of all they now know vacation time is meant to be used. Hopefully, next December our vacation balances equal zero." - Chris S.

Regret can be a lousy place to visit. -  "Candius was sharing a calendar of future travel ideas when it hit me...we only had three trips left before my son went off to college. Where did all that time go? Fortunately, we were able to realize this before it was too late. So in addition to our family vacations, we added special trips to share just with our son on his 16th, 18th, and 21st birthdays. We can’t wait to create these special memories with our kids while we still can." - Shane B.

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The process begins with each traveler curating their own interests on their phone, tablet or computer.  This immersive walk around the world offers a fun way to capture insights your designer will use to create your travel portfolio.  

Your journey continues with your own customized “Netflix” style travel portal. Get lost for hours exploring exotic lands and carefully selected experiences tailored to your specific interests.  

After analyzing each travelers' results, your designer will collaborate with you to create your travel portfolio.  You'll find this thoughtful approach saves time, money and allows you to rest easy knowing you will fulfill your dreams.  


Imagine having the world at your fingertips.  Whether you’re waiting for a flight, sitting in a comfy chair on a rainy day or just feeling inspired to explore, Virtuoso Wanderlist® offers a custom collection of videos, music, articles and insights to help you live in a constant state anticipation.  All tailored to your interests.


Virtuoso Wanderlist® offers a powerful combination of designer-led expertise supported by the latest advancements in technology and analytics. Compare preferences and interests of your fellow travel companions. Map out travel dates.  Forecast future investment levels.  Smile at your savings.  

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  • Customized portals for each traveler.  ​

  • Linked results to compare common interests.​

  • Explore over 160 destinations.  ​

    • Watch videos.  Listen to music.  Read stories.​

    • Discover new experiences tailored to your interests.​

    • Find out the best times to visit.​

    • Get lost for hours exploring our world.​

  • Accessible by phone, tablet and computer.​


  • Annual plan.  Contact advisor for a quote.​

  • Work with a certified portfolio advisor​

  • Ongoing portfolio monitoring and alerts:​

    • Time to start planning next trip​

    • Favorable savings opportunities​

    • Curated stories and ideas​

    • Safety notifications​

    • Quarterly check-ins and annual review​

  • Access to expert travel advisors to assist with trips.​


  • Traveler DNA snapshots​

  • Side-by-side traveler comparison charts:​

    • Places in common​

    • Interests in common​

    • Travel preferences in common​

    • Top 5 places and interests​

  • Savings analysis​

  • Calendar scheduling tools


  • Review, share and interpret traveler results.​

  • Map out future travel possibilities. ​

  • Identify best travel dates by seasonality, value and personal schedules.​

  • Share savings opportunities.​

  • Forecast future travel investment levels.​

  • Present online and handcrafted Travel Portfolio book.​

  • Adjust plan as life needs change.​


  • Virtuoso Hotel Privileges – Available in over 1,000 luxury hotels.  Privileges may include, daily breakfast for two, $100 spa, dining or shopping credits, upgrade on arrival, and upgrade at time of booking at 75+ hotels.​

  • Virtuoso Cruise Privileges - Available on over 500 sailings.  Choice of shipboard credits, private car & driver or exclusive shore event.​

  • Complimentary subscription to the award-winning  Virtuoso Life magazine.​

  • Complimentary Virtuoso Best of The Best book.​

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