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Services to Suit Any Travel Needs


When is the last time you selected a helpful professional to assist you with something important in your life? Odds are you’d hire a plumber to fix your toilet, an electrician to install a ceiling fan, or a lawyer to draft your will or trust. In (Detroit), for example, the average hourly rate for plumbers runs from $200 per hour, electricians charge $70 per hour and attorneys charge $300 per hour.


So, of course, all skilled travel experts charge a fee for their expertise.


Surprisingly, most of us are quite affordable. The return you receive from the fees we charge give you back your precious time.  


Don't forget that the prices that your travel expert has for you will almost always be better than what you can get yourself.  They'll work tirelessly to make sure the details that you might never consider are taken care of and they have many years of industry inside knowledge that only comes from working in the profession.


Give yourself a break - save time, stress and money! Let us do the work!

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