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10 Reasons to Plan A Trip To Utah This Summer

Ditch the big city’s fast-paced nature and book a vacation by yourself or with the family to explore the great outdoors! While it’s likely there are plenty of options for camping and other outdoor activities near you, let me suggest hitting the road in a fancy wagon (or, for those not stuck in the past, your car or, better yet, a plane) and head west to Utah. So what’s in Utah? Most are familiar with Salt Lake City, but there are actually many more sightseeing attractions within the Beehive state to keep you and your family occupied.

Utah is also known for its various national parks, ski resorts, and many scenic drives. Even if you’re not the outdoorsy type, there are plenty of other sights and entertainment attractions that will tickle your fancy.

Get your Utah vacation started with these ten must-see sights and locations that will have you booking your western visit ASAP!

Ten Reasons To Visit Utah

  1. Zion National Park - The park’s rose-colored cliffs and flowing waterfalls are just the beginning of this beautiful national park. Take a moment to see your inner you and connect with the moment at any of the reflective pools.

2.Lake Powell - This prominent lake is something straight out of the movies. Located along the Utah-Arizona border, this lake is a picturesque water reservoir. It’s the perfect destination to rent a houseboat or set up camp and sleep under the stars.

3. Temple Square: Temple Square is the must-see place to discover Gothic architecture, perfect for taking in the city’s nightlife. At the heart of the square is the Mormon Temple, the largest latter-day Saints temple in the world.

4. Bryce Canyon National Park: The towering formations of vertical rock, known as hoodoos, will serve as the perfect backdrop for a family portrait. The park is ideal for solo or family travelers!

5. Monument Valley: In the heart of Navajo land, this desert lined valley is your go-to place to explore the red mesas and stone pinnacles. You can also travel the 17-mile valley drive, a one-way dirt road running between the dramatic landscape.

6.Capital Reef National Park - This towering pillar of sandstone is the epicenter of Utah’s unique landscapes. Standing high above the Fremont River, While the breathtaking arches, gorges, and spires may be enough for some visitors, various hiking trails make for the perfect afternoon activity.

7. Dinosaur National Monument: Is there a dinosaur enthusiast in your house? If so, they’ll want to check out this monument, which highlights various Jurassic period fossils as well as masterful reconstructions.

8. Canyonlands National Park - A park highlight is the Island in the Sky, an aerial viewpoint where you can take in Utah’s equivalent Grand Canyon.

9. Park City: This small-town locale offers diversity and variety compared to other western towns. Located just a half hour’s drive from Salt Lake City, you can enjoy the historical elements or the outdoor enthusiast attractions that have tourists coming from far and wide. Park City is home to the Sundance Film Festival and is considered the world’s best mountain biking destination.

10.Arches National Park- Devil’s Garden is a tourist favorite in yet another of Utah’s gorgeous national parks. Another photo-ready moment is the more than 2,000 natural arches that decorate the park.

With most of your itinerary set, what’s stopping you from booking your trip to Utah today? If you’re ready to learn more about these experiences or other ones domestically in the USA this summer, get in touch with us by filling out our trip planning form or email me today and find out how you can spend your vacation days the pioneer way!

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