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72 Hours in Dubai ~ A Great Way to Extend A Layover

Dubai is open to tourists from around the world. Many Europeans head here for one to two weeks to experience a beach/city vacation. The second-highest travel itinerary for Dubai is as a one or two-night layover on the way to the other side of the world.

Like everywhere, 2020 has hit Dubai hard, even with what seems like unlimited government support. The city has approximately 120 five-star hotels, and the value offered this December 2020 is crazy. High-end luxury hotels currently provide a room for the price of one at a three-star Holiday Inn Express in our mid-west small towns.

Dubai offers a full scope of different attractions for all age groups, and There's a little bit of everything to satisfy all styles of traveling in this fantastic global city! Here is one of many three day Dubai Itinerary list of exciting activities to do when traveling to Dubai.

1: Hop-On Hop-Off Big Bus Tour

With the Hop-on Hop-off Big Bus Dubai Tour, you'll have an elevated view of the city from the comfort of an open-top bus as it moves through the Emirate. You'll have the opportunity to see more than 40 different points of interest on this bus tour, and you can explore every part of this country. On this tour, important destinations include The Burj Khalifa, Souk Madinat, The Palm, and Dubai Marina. You can look over three different routes: the City Tour (red), the Beach Tour (green), or the Marina Tour (blue). With your Big Bus ticket, you'll gain admittance to the "Flamingo Lagoon Discovery" trip, which gives you the chance to watch exotic flamingos in the wildlife.

2. Dhow Dinner Cruise Dubai Creek

An ideal way to start your first day in Dubai is with a beautiful journey on the Dhow dinner cruise vessels, The dinner cruise is exciting, and you can enjoy a 5-star buffet that is so tasty! On this two-hour voyage, you'll set sail along the Dubai Creek, a famous waterway that divides the downtown zone into two different banks. You'll get the chance to see top nearby sights, including the National Bank of Dubai, the Chamber of Commerce Building, and various waterfronts.

3. Water Activities with SeaYou

SeaYou is a unique water sports company that specializes in non-motorized activities. SeaYou conducts regular classes for enthusiasts who are willing to try exhilarating adventures. Located at the Sofitel, Palm Resort & Spa, they offer a broad range of watersport activities in the amazing place of Palm Jumeirah. By booking a water activity from SeaYou, you can fully experience the wonders of the Palm with a paddleboarding or windsurfing session or a guided kayak tour. SeaYou's instructors offer assistance and are extremely helpful. They also teach beginners and encourage more experienced participants when they perform demonstrations to help everyone. These classes are fun, and the targets are achievable.

Are you planning a bucket-list trip to celebrate after the pandemic of 2020? Are you ready to extend your layover on your way around the world? If your answer is yes, click here to schedule a planning call!

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