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Affordable Luxe European Destinations

Many luxuriously beautiful cities won’t break the bank in Europe. You can travel in style to Europe’s best destinations and get all the experiences you ever dreamed of! Some cities are affordable and offer countless stunning architecture, culture, and delicacies native to each area.

Trimming your budget won’t affect the quality of travel. Here are the top 13 incredibly affordable getaways in Europe to indulge in!


If you want a fairy-tale-like vacation in Europe, Bavaria is the spot for you. There are 14th-century castles scattered around the towns where you can book a room. Make sure to visit Neuschwanstein Castle perched on a mountain and tour the beautiful valleys that make up the city’s homeyness and hidden history.


The “heel of Italy’s boot” displays cylindrical whitewashed houses with cone-shaped roofs. Apulia is the Amalfi coast without the tourist factors and is refreshingly off the map! Cool down in the sultry summers and sit by the cozy fireplaces during wintertime.


Budapest offers the charming factors of European factors that end up being a fraction of the price. There are many affordable accommodations and nightlife. The picture-perfect attractions include Hungarian Parliament Building, Fisherman’s Bastion, and the famous thermal baths are a must-visit!


Take a self-guided tour of the clifftop, whitewashed villages with a maze of medieval streets perched on a gorge. Indulge in the beautiful architecture, flamenco dancing, and delectable tapas.


With an old mystique charm with a Cold War ambiance, Berlin holds the title of being the cultural capital of central Europe. Be sure to visit the Mitte district as its significant sites, including Reichstag and Potsdamer Platz.

Bath and the Cotswolds

The charming, quaint villages will take your breath away as soon you step into the charming streets filled with cozy inns and pubs. Don’t forget to check out the Royal Crescent, Bath Abbey, and the notable Roman baths.


The gorgeous museums and mosaics are there for you to explore as soon as you touch the ground in Istanbul. Discover the unique history and get a glimpse of the luxurious treasures in the Great Palace Mosaic Museum or the ancient Palatium Magnum that Constantine the Great built in the Byzantine period.


Explore the rich architectural beauty within the parameters of Slovenia. Local talent Jože Plecnik transitioned the city into Secessionist Art Nouveau style to bring Vienna to this quaint capital city. There are countless affordable restaurants and cafes to indulge in.

The Dalmatian Coast

Walkthrough the medieval village of Korcula, where tourist activity is low, and the adventure is endless. This day trip destination offers a lavish view of the Croatian coast and the ancient ruins of a prior ancient Roman palace.


Paris doesn’t have to be as pricey as it’s advertised out to be! Many restaurants and cafes offer less expensive menus. For museums, invest in a Paris Museum Pass, where you’ll gain admission to the gorgeous hotspots including Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, Sainte-Chapelle, and more.

Western Ireland

Visit County Clare, where the dramatic Cliffs of Moher rise above 700 feet from the crashing Atlantic waves. There are ancient slab tombs perched on the rocky flatlands and plenty of live Celtic music to dance to.


Rome is home to over 900 churches that are free to gaze at notable artists’ wondrous works of art and architecture. Be sure to visit the Trevi fountain, Spanish Steps, and many other iconic landmarks.


This city holds countless Art Deco architecture and gorgeous museums, along with the freshest seafood caught off the Portuguese coast. The picturesque Duoro River is a UNESCO World Heritage Site holding six beautiful bridges and vineyard regions.

Ready to plan an affordable trip to Europe? Contact us today to get started!

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