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Argentina "Take Two" ~ Gastronomy Exploration Through The Country!

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Argentinians don't disguise their love for food. When you plan your trip to Buenos Aires, these dishes are a must-try. The colorful city life and top-notch restaurants in the capital of the country will leave you wanting more. Let's explore some of these dishes that the natives and tourists often frequent the country for! You'll have eight delicious cuisines to try throughout the country by the end of this article!


Sauces are the key to a lot of dishes in the nation. Chimichurri is an uncooked sauce with a rich flavor. Its hints of parsley, garlic, oregano, and red wine vinegar create a flavor explosion in your mouth! Traditional sauce serves as a condiment for meat.


A national dish and staple in Argentina are the Asados. Originating from the country, almost every restaurant serves their version of the plate. The mouthwatering slabs of meat cooked over an open fire; you've likely seen in cooking shows. The iconic T-shaped iron often has a whole lamb roasting over the open flame outside the kitchen area.


These delightful pastries originated in Argentina from Spanish immigrants. The pastry pocket filled with meats, potatoes, boiled egg pieces, and scallions is smothered in a thick red sauce and cheese to create what the country calls the empanada. Although you can find empanadas at restaurants worldwide, they don't get any more authentic than what you will find in Argentina.


The Italian settlers in Argentina brought their famous kinds of pasta. Fettuccine, gnocchi, and cannellini, to name just a few of the favored types of pasta in Argentina. You will find plates of pasta throughout the country with a unique flare. Whether at a street food market or in a Michelin star restaurant, be sure to try the tasty fresh-made plates of pasta.

Carbonada Criolla

This hearty dish is usually served in northern Argentina and over the colder winter months. This thick and flavorful stew contains meat, potatoes, carrots, peppers, and sweet corn, topped with dried apricots and raisins, then cooked on the grill in a hollowed-out pumpkin.

Media Lunas

With a heavy French influence, this breakfast dish consists of a flaky pastry baked with lard or butter then brushed with a sugar glaze. The word means half-moon and looks similar to the shape of a croissant. It's a divine start to your day with an Argentian cup of coffee.


For those with an intense craving for sweets, the alfajores is a sandwich cookie with a thick Dulce de Leche paste made with caramelized milk, then dipped in chocolate and coconut flakes.


For this plate, a cut of veal or chicken is pounded thin and coated with breadcrumbs. The meats' cuts are then pan-fried and served with mashed potatoes and topped with egg and/or cheese sauce.

Influenced by European immigrants, Argentina has a melting pot of cuisines from their different ethnic cultures. You will find familiar flavors with a memorable, unique twist on flavors during your visit through a fusion of worlds old and new!

Are you looking to get started on planning a trip to this beautiful country? Get in touch with us by filling out our trip planning form or email me today to begin the journey!

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