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Build Community Immunity-Keep the Dream Alive

Community Immunity is when a sufficient proportion of a population, roughly 80%, is immune to a contagious disease through vaccination and or due to prior illness. The spread of the coronavirus is from person to person. It’s a crazy time, but that isn’t the focus of my message this week. In addition to the concern we have with the spread of COVID-19, we are dealing with the toxin of ISOLATION. Ironically it’s one of the leading solutions to curbing the spread of the virus, yet the side effects are taking their toll on our country. How can we build strong “Community Immunity” to combat the spread of isolation? Here are a few of my thoughts:

1. Even if you physically have to stay in your home right now, your imagination doesn’t! As a travel professional, I am working hard to provide my community of past, present & future clients with inspiration and hope so you can continue to dream about your future journeys. Have you always dreamed of visiting Australia or maybe Bora Bora? Do some research, watch some videos, read a travel book about the destination. Talk with your immediate family about their travel bucket-lists…you might be surprised like I was to learn that my teenage son has always dreamed of visiting the penguins in Antarctica. When this is all over, let’s get planning and make those dreams come true.

2. Be generous with your actions in your neighborhood community. Regularly check-in on neighbors who live alone. If you are venturing out to the grocery store or pharmacy or bank, ask if anyone needs anything. If you can donate blood or plasma, schedule an appointment to and give it! Don’t purchase and hoard supplies that you don’t need. Our essential works are rolling across the country and restocking the shelves, so only take what you need. Be kind and generous to the “essential” workers who are risking their well being to provide the services you are using. Your kids are homeschooling…brainstorm ways that they can contribute to the community, and what they can learn about the world, it is the most critical lesson they may learn from this.

3. Stay in touch with friends and family via video chat or Zoom-type calls. These days, the average family is spread out all across the country. Coordinate a regular video call with far-reaching family members to catch up and see how everyone is doing. Share funny stories and reminiscing about past events—plan for future visits or multi-generational vacations you would love to take. Family is the most important community that we all have, yet it is easy to take for granted. Don’t! Plan to create new memories now that you will talk about in years to come. So, how will you build your own “community immunity”? I hope this has given you a head start on developing your “antibodies” to separation and isolation that social distancing has thrust upon us. Send me an email or comment on how you are keeping the dream alive in your own home and community. We are sorting out our “new normal,” and I’m hopeful it will be even better than before! Let’s have more appreciation for each other and our incredible freedoms to see the world. Stay connected and reach out, I am here to help you make your travel dreams come true.

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