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Discover the Enchanting Nîmes: The Roman Jewel of Southern France

Envision a city where the whispers of ancient Roman stones recount tales of gladiatorial duels, where the golden glow of sunshine illuminates charming cafes, and modern hospitality offers a touch of luxurious indulgence. Welcome to Nîmes, a mesmerizing city in southern France, poised to unveil its enchanting allure.

Often referred to as “the French Rome,” Nîmes showcases an impressive collection of Roman ruins that can stand toe-to-toe with those of the Eternal City. As the 19th-century poet Jean Reboul eloquently put it, Nîmes, much like Rome, is a city constructed upon seven hills, basking in sunlight, and adorned with the splendor of its historical heritage.

Nestled gracefully along the Via Domitia, an ancient thoroughfare that once connected Italy to Spain, Nîmes stands as a testament to its former strategic significance. Explore the fascinating marvels of Nîmes as you embark on a voyage through history.

Must-Visit Attractions in Nîmes

Arena of Nîmes

This colossal structure, astonishingly well-preserved, rivals even the famed Colosseum of Rome. While the Colosseum bears the marks of medieval quarrying, the ingenious inhabitants of Nîmes ingeniously transformed theirs into a residential quarter. This act of conservation enables us to marvel at the nearly intact structure today, with its arena, tiered seating, galleries, and arches standing resolutely – a mesmerizing testament to the city’s rich history of grand spectacles. Today, the Arena of Nîmes vibrates with different vitality, hosting concerts and cultural events that captivate audiences.

Pont du Gard

Just a brief 30-minute drive from Nîmes lies the breathtaking Pont du Gard, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This three-tiered aqueduct, a marvel of Roman engineering, spans majestically across the Gardon River. Pause for a moment to admire its intricate stonework and envision its crucial role in supplying water to ancient Nîmes. For those feeling adventurous, kayaking under this architectural wonder is an option not to be missed!

Other Roman Marvels

The Roman heritage of Nîmes extends well beyond the arena and aqueduct. Make sure to visit the Maison Carrée, a perfectly proportioned temple recently inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Other notable monuments include the Temple de Diane, Tour Magne, and Porte d’Auguste. These sites provide a fascinating glimpse into the daily lives of the city’s Roman inhabitants and are sure to ignite your curiosity for further exploration.

Where to Stay in Nîmes

Maison Albar - L'Imperator

This 5-star urban resort radiates timeless elegance, having enchanted luminaries such as Hemingway and Picasso. Choose from luxurious rooms or private houses, perfect for families or groups seeking an exclusive retreat.

Satisfy your culinary desires at DUENDE, the hotel’s 2-Michelin-starred restaurant, led by the culinary maestro Pierre Gagnaire. His creations are a testament to his innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to artistry.

Relax and rejuvenate at the expansive Codage Spa, a haven of indulgence, or enjoy handcrafted cocktails at Bar Hemingway, a homage to the renowned writer who frequented this iconic spot. Maison Albar – L’Imperator offers the chance to experience Nîmes’ rich heritage in unparalleled luxury.

Margaret - Hôtel Chouleur

For an experience that feels more like staying in a private residence than a hotel, Margaret – Hôtel Chouleur is your ideal choice. Tucked away on a tranquil street, this charming 4-star hotel offers just 10 rooms and suites, designed with a harmonious blend of French tradition and contemporary elegance.

Relax in one of the hotel’s two courtyards or lose yourself in a captivating book in the library. At the end of your stay, you can help yourself to a drink and settle your bill, fostering a relaxed and intimate ambiance.

For a truly unforgettable dining experience, don’t miss ROUGE, the on-site Michelin-starred restaurant. Chef Georgiana Viou’s culinary creations epitomize the best of Mediterranean cuisine.

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