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Jamaica: More than Beaches and Resorts

Jamaica is known all around the world for its lovely beaches and tropical sunsets, but there is so much more to do than go to the beach. Even though relaxing on the beach might be the best way to spend a vacation, you might want to see more of what Jamacia has to offer. Here's a list of some of the most amazing things to do while on vacation in Jamaica that doesn't include sitting on the beach all day.

Best Places to Swim not Including the Beach in Jamaica

Fire-Water Pond- The Windsor Mineral Spring located in St. Ann's Bay. The pond gets its name because the water can catch on fire. The top of the water has such a high sulfur level that it has become flammable. For years the locals have talked about the rejuvenating healing potential that this small pond has. The locals are also known to cook on the water, isn't that something.

Blue Hole- The beautiful "cenote" type body of water is said to be bottomless. This Hole is a stunning turquoise blue water is surrounded by some of the most beautiful tropical greenery. It is a fantastic place for swimming, snorkeling, and for you to swing from vines into the water.

Black River- This river stretches 33 miles long and is the perfect place to see one of the rarest creatures; the crocodile. These animals are rare but sometimes you will see them in this river near the southern coast of Jamaica. Tours of the river are a great way to see all of the beautiful Jamaican wildlife.

Pirate City Under The Sea- Port Royal once was known as the wildest city in the world and now but realize it sits around 40 feet underwater. An earthquake destroyed the city killing hundreds and laid the town to rest. It is beautiful to dive down and tour the pirate city cast into the sea.

Luminous Lagoon- The Lagoon has a great glow in the dark quality that comes from the many different microorganisms that live there. This Luminous Lagoon is in Falmouth, Trelawny, and there are only three lagoons like it in the world. A tour offers visitors life-changing experience as they can swim and dive in such a unique body of water.

Swimming With Horses- The Half Moon Resort is one of the many resorts that offer this attraction across Jamaica. These many resorts train thoroughbred horses that can swim with visitors on their backs. Many visitors say that riding the horses thought the water is a life-changing experience; imagine being able to float on the backs of these majestic creatures who are great swimmers.

Travel into the Mountains

Mystic Mountain Nature Park- There are a few mountainous areas to see in Jamaica, including the mountains of Ocho Rios. Whether you are bobsled or zip lined, visitors can explore the 700-foot high peak of the Mystic Mountain. It is a great way to see Jamaica in a way that most people don't get to.

The Blue Mountains- The Blue Mountian range is the most extended mountain range in Jamacia. The mountains employ lush tropical forests, and they are the perfect setting for camping, hiking, and biking. Would you consider camping in Jamaica?

The Best Places To Eat

Rick's Café- This beautiful restaurant sits atop 35-foot tall cliffs that overlook the ocean in Negril. The restaurant isn't the only attraction; of course, the food is excellent, but you can also go cliff jumping off these cliffs. Some brave souls even jump off the trees and other buildings that line these cliffs. One of the most beautiful sights is just sitting and looking a the sunset from the cliffs.

Floyd's Pelican Bar- Floyd's Pelican Bar is built from driftwood and sits atop stilts on a sandbar that is a quarter-mile out from the sea. It is a 20-minute boat ride from the coast of Negril. It is one of the best places to enjoy your evening sunbathing, swimming and enjoying some great food and a cold Red Stripe.

When most people are looking for something to do in Jamacia, they think of the beaches, but if you take the time to look, you might find some of the most memorable experiences. Jamaica has a beautiful culture and a landscape that is just as diverse as anywhere else. There are great people, tropical wildlife, and things to do inland and on the coast. Just expand your horizons and see all the things that Jamaica has to offer.

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