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Jet Lag Be Gone! Top Tricks to Kick Time Zone Fatigue to the Curb

Updated: Jan 15

We are a team of avid globetrotters and fans of the finer things in life, understand the consequences of moving from one time zone to another. The unwelcome side effect of jet lag is enough to bewilder your body clock. However, we have the perfect guide to help you beat jet lag and restore your circadian rhythm with the power of a sleep superhero.

1. Exploring the Ages through Hydration

Forget the DeLorean; your water bottle is the key to fighting jet lag. Hydration is your go-to aid in combating this fatigue. Start drinking lots of water as if you're drinking the elixir of life since dehydration can worsen the effects of jet lag and make you feel drained. So, become a hydration hero and sip your way to victory!

2. Abstain from Caffeine and Sleep Like an Expert

Giving up coffee and tea before and during a flight can be hard, like leaving your beloved sunglasses or phone charger behind. But it can be well worth it when you arrive feeling more refreshed than exhausted. Combining this with a power nap can help you beat jet lag and its draining effects. An eye mask and neck pillow can be your best friend in this endeavor - sleep is the key to conquering jet lag without a fight!

3. Eat or Starve - The Jetlag Diet (and Consume to Acclimate to Another Time Zone)

If you're a culinary traveler, you know there's a strategy called the 'jet lag diet,' or as we like to call it, the 'pre-party meal plan.' This involves alternating days of eating large and small meals before your journey. Although the science behind this is partially definitive, copying the eating habits of your destination's local time will help sync up your internal clock. Plus, any reason to have a big meal is a good one.

Before you leave, time your meals according to the area you're headed to; this way, your body will sync with the local clock. Take advantage of the chance to try the local cuisine; your stomach is the key to a smooth transition between time zones. Whether it's in kimchi in South Korea or croissants in Paris, let your taste buds serve as your honorary timekeepers.

4. Achieve Your Inner Peace Through Stretching

Combatting the effects of jet lag, such as stiffness and fatigue, can be as simple as walking down the aisle or doing some seated ankle rolls. For those who want to avoid drawing too much attention, some stealthily executed upper-body twists, similar to yoga, can help keep the blood flowing.

Your increased flexibility can fool jet lag into thinking you control the situation. Who has the upper hand now, jet lag?

5. Sun's Rays: Your Natural Alarm Clock

Preparing your body and mind for your journey is vital. Before leaving, alter your watch and other time-telling devices to reflect your destination's time zone. This serves as a reminder that your trip has begun and helps your body adjust to the new schedule. This small step will help you make the most of your experiences.

The sun is more than just a glowing orb in the sky; it can be a powerful ally in the fight against jet lag. When you get to your destination, make sure to find some sunlight as soon as possible. This natural light will tell your body to get up and start moving. Sunlight is like a natural dose of caffeine without the accompanying shakes. Letting yourself bask in the sun's warmth can help reset your body's internal clock and lessen the disorienting effects of jet lag.

So, intrepid traveler, you've got the five essential tips to beat jet lag. Keep yourself hydrated, use napping to your advantage, adjust your meals according to the new time zone, stretch your muscles, and get some sunshine. Your body clock will be grateful, and you can travel easily like a seasoned globetrotter. And, if you're still feeling under the weather, a day of rest at your destination will undoubtedly do the trick. If you want more tips, connect to our Travel Club here!

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