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Most Memorable National Park Trips for Summer 2021

If you're seeking majestic waterfalls, flowing rivers, and vast expanses of forest, a National Park trip may be in the cards for summer 2021! National Parks are a great way to experience all the natural beauty the United States has to offer, and here are just some of our top picks for the summer season:

Glacier, Montana

The land of towering mountains and icy cliffs, Glacier is accessible by car or foot. There are plenty of camping opportunities available, and when you need to cool down, Avalanche Lake and other bodies of water provide a brief respite from the heat. Just make sure to reserve spots early, as the campsites can be quite popular.

Arches, Utah

Utah's topography is incredibly unique. Natural stone formations are abundant in the state, with the most famous perhaps being the 65-foot-tall Delicate Arch. The Delicate Arch can be easily reached by car or a brief hike, so it's ideal for snapping pictures with friends while taking in the sunset.

Haleakala, Hawaii

Hawaii is a tropical paradise, perfect for lounging on the beach and sunbathing. However, it also has much more to offer through its natural beauty. Haleakala is filled with dense bamboo forests, lush green waterfalls, volcanic rock formations, and more. For adventurous families, there is also the opportunity to camp in the wilderness or summit the Haleakala Volcano.

Olympic, Washington

If you're seeking a few tranquil days of hiking in relative solitude, Olympic National Park just might be the perfect destination for you this summer. Olympic caters toward more experienced hikers and backpackers and is the perfect option for a camping trip. Leave your car behind and embark on a diverse journey through the nearly-1-million-acres of Olympic National Park.

Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake can fill even the most skeptical among us with a sense of awe. The lake is the purest and deepest in the nation, inside the belly of an active volcano. With no waterways running in or out, the lake is less susceptible to contaminants and takes on a shimmery deep blue color. Boasting over 1,943 feet of depth, Crater Lake is best admired from one of the surrounding peaks. It's also a great spot to take some photographs to bring home.

No matter which park you decide to explore, summer 2021 is calling your name! Schedule a complimentary planning call today to discover how our experienced travel agents can help you make the most of your adventure-filled summer vacation.

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