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No Passport, No Problem! 5 International Flights for you to explore!

Have (no) passport, will travel! Yes, you read that correctly. The United States of America and its overseas territories offer diverse, exotic, and truly unforgettable experiences that await you. So, while investing in a passport is never a bad idea, those without one (or waiting for their passport to process) should consider booking an itinerary to one of these five incredible destinations.

No passport, no problem!

The U.S. Virgin Islands

St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John islands are three splendid destinations for Americans without a passport. These three jewels sit awash in paradisiacal azure waves, and each has unique experiences to enjoy. St. Thomas offers luxurious dining and shopping in the capital of Charlotte Amalie. For those seeking adventures in the great outdoors, such as scenic hiking and spectacular scuba diving, St. John’s is the place to go. Are you looking for a romantic getaway, then the island of St. Croix is the spot to head to. All with or without a passport!

Puerto Rico

This American territory is an exceptional locale to escape to. The island’s capital of San Juan offers quaint and beautiful streets, historic towns, forts, churches, and much more. Of course, the sun, sand, jungle, and phenomenal beaches await outside the capital city. Come to swim, sunbathe, scuba dive, or simply get some R & R. This island invites you to explore and sample some local delicacies like Puerto Rican rum! Puerto Rico is another wondrous place to add to your itinerary whether you have a passport or not!


Originally used as a military base for American forces during World War II, this island paradise is near Hawaii and the Philippines. It still serves as an important military base of operations today, but that does not mean it isn’t also one of the most breathtaking island getaways for the less martially inclined tourist! Especially in the form of hiking to scenic cliffs. While in Guam, take in the mesmerizing views. Or try scuba diving in pristine waters to explore the mysterious Blue Hole and the remains of sunken Japanese warships. The island is also home to a museum dedicated to the Pacific Theater of World War II, the War in the Pacific National Historical Park, for those interested in History.

American Samoa

Home to a vibrant and joyful Polynesian culture and natural wonders you must see for yourself, American Samoa is a perfect passport-less locale. Five volcanic islands and plenty of atolls make up this archipelago destination. White sand beaches, crystalline waters, and magnificent peaks. Check out the National Park of American Samoa, which meanders across three of the five islands. After so much island hopping, perhaps grab a bite and relax at the biggest town found in the archipelago, Tutuila!

Northern Mariana Islands

This island chain became American territory after the destructive battle of Saipan, which saw Japan’s defeat and the Marianas islands passing into American hands. Witness History firsthand at the many museums, sites, and memorials across the territory. But for those looking for something a bit more tranquil, flora and fauna of the Northern Mariana Islands are unbeatable! Both the azure waves and verdant forests are home to exotic wildlife! The Grotto, a massive limestone cave, is home to sea life, for example, turtles, reef sharks, and rays.

You may not have a passport, but that doesn’t mean you can’t travel abroad.

These five dazzling destinations are waiting for you. Tropical paradises right here in the land of liberty, so why not take that liberty and visit these amazing sites. Your friends and family will be surprised to see and hear of all the unique places you visited without your passport! We would love to hear which destination would be first on your list email us here!

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