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Another Country Reopens to Travel- "Top 10 Things to Do In Iceland."

Many people think that all their travel plans are ruined this summer, but here's an update on Iceland for this summer adventure travel. Life in Iceland is now mostly back to normal.

Iceland's success in battling the COVID19 pandemic is partly due to its tiny population of just 360,000 people. But it also reflects decisive action by their authorities, who used a rigorous policy of testing and tracking to isolate infected people, even when they had no symptoms. This thorough testing will continue throughout the year. All visitors will be tested upon arrival or be exempt from testing if they carry reliable certification.

Traveling in Iceland this summer or fall offers an escape from it all. You can experience the splendid solitude of the wilderness, exclusive activities, and access to private villas or small properties. Now maybe a good time for those thinking ahead to winter escapes. The magnificent Icelandic landscape is stunning in winter, with the added bonus of the Northern Lights dancing across the sky. Here are 10 popular activities to do while visiting!

Whale Watching Tour – Tours are available that allow you to see the whales and puffins. You can engage with Naturalists and experience sightings that are jaw-dropping. Whale watching is at its peak in summer months like April through September. Minke is one of the most common types of whales that reside in Iceland.

Blue Lagoon Spa – Just minutes away from the Keflavik International Airport, the mineral-rich attraction draws many tourists. Spa options are plentiful due to the geothermic forces and the many natural elements. The man-made lagoon is renewed every two days with fresh water. The site is easily accessible via bus or car.

West Fjords – The Fjords is a breathtaking attraction located in a popular peninsula. When going, make sure you are well prepared and have enough time to really explore all they have to offer. They have great attractions. You can visit a number of exclusive sites, such as the Icelandic Sea Monster Museum or the famous Látrabjarg cliff. There is much to experience in this remote mountainous area. There are so many options to keep you interested while on your expedition.

Skogafoss – Do you wish to capture shots of a double rainbow, Skogafoss, the most beautiful fall in all of Iceland. A spectacular view with a drop of over 60 meters! A folktale tells of legendary gold that lies within the falls. Dare to find your share of the famed gold!

Silfra - Silfra is a breathtaking its diving spots that can be found in Thingvellir National Park. It crates the crevice between the tectonic plates in North America and Eurasian continents. It is the only place in the world to dive between tectonic plates. There are many tunnels and caves to explore while diving. Wildlife is plentiful on your dive/snorkel. The main dive sites included Silfra Lagoon, Silfra Hall, and Silfra Cathedral. The depth of your dive can stretch up to 207 feet. The water is the purest in the world so pure in fact you can drink it.

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) – This world wonder tops many lists of need to visit, but you need to know the best place to view this beauty. Thingvellir is by far the most beautiful place to see this wonder. The weather is also a significant factor in choosing a spot with dark and clear skies is essential. Not only is Thingvellir a historic park but a historic site. Thingvellir is a great tourist spot where you can see all kinds of historical sights.

Holuhraun - This new site is a significant attraction in the Highlands of Iceland. To reach this unique landscape, you will need a 4WD and make sure to ask for a high-quality vehicle that is equipped to travel on unique terrain. Holuhraun was formed by a lava flow from a volcano that lasted for 6 months. While peering into the faults of the lava, you can see many vividly beautiful colors. When driving across the sand, you can see steam jet out of certain areas. Many have said that it is a geological wonder that must be seen. Make sure to stay on the marked paths and be careful when picking up lava rocks wear gloves.

Reynisfjara Beach - This gorgeous beach is an absolute must-see! There are many things on this volcanic shoreline to explore, with basalt columns and rare black sand. The sand is made up of a variety of small stones, and the black sand comes from the lava that cooled when it hit the water. The white and red sand beaches of the Westfjords also draw visitors to Iceland. While on Reynisfjara, you can see Gardar, a basalt cliff that resembles a staircase to heaven which can also be seen in Reynisfjara. The natural pyramid was formed by columnar jointing. Out of all the basalt columns throughout Iceland, this is by far the most exquisite.

Party in Reykjavik – The small town of Reykjavik is the best place to party when in Iceland, and it's not close. There are so many different bars and restaurants to choose from, but none of them charge a cover, and the music is fantastic.

Seljavallalaug – The pool is one of the oldest natural pools in Iceland. When visiting, it will definitely be a memorable experience. The water is a perfect mix of hot and cold water, creating the perfect pool.

If you're ready to return to travel before the end of this year, click here to schedule a planning call!

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