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Top 5 Must See Beaches in the United States

Updated: May 26, 2020

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Waves are lapping onto shore, and you feel the warmth from the sun with a slight subtle breeze. Most of us conjure up a visual similar to this when asked to close our eyes and relax for a moment. What if I told you the visions in your mind's eye is a real place you can travel to by plane within a few hours? Whether you prefer to tan in the sun all day, or treasure hunt for shells one must see these five beaches while traveling the States.

1. Siesta Key Beach, Sarasota, Florida

The powder white, quartz like sand, doesn't get hot! Single travelers or couples can relax in the laid back community. Perfect for the suntan lover, or person who loves to read a book under an umbrella. The town offers families lots of activities for the kids too.

2. Sunset Beach, Oahu Hawaii

Surfers love the 30-foot waves, during the winter months. In the summer, the waves calm, and you can snorkel the exotic coral reef. Either time of year, you wont want to miss the sunset. Watch the sun get swallowed by the sea, when the evening sky turns from orange to red, to a pomegranate pink, before the dark of night is lit by the moon and stars.

3. West Beach, Gulf Shores Alabama

Located on the Fort Morgan peninsula stretching into Mobile Bay, the beach is separated from the bay by a lake called Little Lagoon. It is one of the most serene and historical places to visit. The beach is lined with restaurants, private homes, condominiums and high-rise hotels. This area is for the person(s) looking for a peaceful time and calm surroundings.

4. Coronado, California The mile long shoreline is a favorite to both couples and families. This beach boasts fewer sunbathers and calmer shores than those along San Diego's coastal front. The name Coronado means "Crown City" and when staying at Hotel California, you feel like royalty. If relaxing on the beach isn't your thing, skim boarding on the incredible flat silvery sand is sure to please the active traveler.

5. Pa'lioa Beach, Maui, Hawaii The beautiful black sand made from the volcanic rock lines the shores of this scenic view of the lush green island. Pa'lioa beach is a favored stop located just off Hana Highway. Many soak up the sun before or after their Road to Hana adventure.

So, if your one who loves soft sand that feels like a pillow on the soles of your feet, you won’t be disappointed with any of these destinations. What are you waiting for? Plan your sun-filled getaway today. You deserve a break from the fast-paced busy schedule to spend time with the relaxing sounds of the waves.

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