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Wales the Hidden Gem to Visit in the United Kingdom

Wales is an often-overlooked nation within the United Kingdom compared to the others. Unfortunately, the country often is overlooked. Its countryside and coast are just as beautiful as anything in England, Scotland, or Northern Ireland. It has 869 miles (1,400 km) of coastline, where you will find hidden coves and long tan beaches perfect for sunbathing in summer.

Known as the “Land of Castles,” Wales has over 100 castles that remain, either restored to their early glory or in the form of archeological ruins. You can also view the many stone circles that dot the countryside and pre-date written history. Imagine how the earliest humans roamed the earth thousands of years before the common era began.

When is the best time to visit?

If spending time at the beach in Wales is essential, come during the summer when highs often reach a pleasant 84°F/28C. Days are longer during this season so that you can take full advantage of day hikes in the Welsh mountains.

However, the drawback to summer travel is that crowds are bigger and you will have to book accommodation further in advance. We recommend at least 180 days or longer. To beat the crowds while still enjoying decent weather, come during the shoulder months of April/May and September/October when kids are in school.

Where should you go?

For the perfect Wesh culture, the capital city of Cardiff encapsulates the warmth of the people and has a lively and friendly Rugby scene. For those who love the sun, visit the beaches of Rhossili, Barafundle, and Tenby, some of the best in the U.K. Head to Mt. Snowdon (Wales’ highest peak) for day hikes in Snowdonia National Park, and the Brecon Beacon Mountains and Lake Llangorse in the south.

And don’t ignore the famous offshore islands of Wales. They deserve a visit to take in their beauty, and you’ll find great beaches around Anglesey, off the northwest coast. Castles, such as the Edwardian fortress in Caernarfon, are found throughout the nation, and the oldest of Wales’ stone circles exist in Pembrokeshire.

How many days do you need?

You can experience a bit of Wales in a short time. In 4-7 days you could laze on a beach, hike in the countryside, and visit most major castles and ruins. However, if you’re a history buff planning on seeing each of the nation’s castles, you could spend one day per castle, and it would take you over three months to see all of them.

Were you thinking about traveling around the United Kingdom? Reach out to us today to have us help you get started on your next trip to Whales and England, Scotland, and Ireland.

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