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What's on your Travel Wish-List? You Only have 18 Summers with your Kids!

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Ever thought or said, “One day...we’re taking the kids to Hawaii!”. Perhaps, “Let’s plan a themed vacation with the kids around the Harry Potter movie." I’ve heard friends state, "We’re waiting until the kids are older," and “We really want to visit the Australia Outback,” but summers seem to be too busy, and planned travel quickly falls off the to-do list.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Most families want more bonding time with each other! It’s no surprise we feel disconnected or worse burned out. With work, school, sports, and daily planned activities, we barely eat dinner together at the dinner table.

One of the best ways to connect with your loved ones is to travel. A trip with family creates space with no distractions and no excuses. It’s you and your kids (or Grandkids) spending “uninterrupted time” together.

Here are just a few benefits of traveling with your kids:

It’s a learning tool, no matter the age. Many children are required to learn a language in school. If your kids are taking Spanish, download a language app, and learn it with them. When planning a trip to Spain or other Spanish speaking countries, you’ll all be excited to use a few words you know when communicating with someone in another country. It’s exciting to use what you’ve learned to say “hello” and “thank you.” Or order off of a menu in a different language (hoping you don’t end up with something inedible!). Remember, if you do accidentally order sheep intestines, you’ll all laugh about it for years to come.

It provides perspective for you and your kids. You’ll think differently about the world once you’ve met people from other cultures. Often our ideas of others in the world are shaped or possibly distorted through the lens of the media, Or Possible your kids will learn to be different or having differing opinions is good. In the end, traveling helps us uncover our humanity and that we all care about similar things, friends, family, and home.

It creates lasting bonds between your tribe and the people you meet during your travels. The memories you have with people you encounter during your trip give you and your family a fresh perspective about life outside your everyday world and culture.

Are you reading this and thinking, “Yup… I’ve always talked about seeing the kangaroos and koalas with my kids”? If you have envisioned it, imagined it, daydreamed about it. So why not create a travel map to do it?

I can help; Parents and grandparents alike have lots of wish list travel ideas. Would you like a tool to store and share all your bucket-list destination ideas with each other?

As a certified Virtuoso Wanderlist advisor, I'd be happy to provide you an easy to use App to help explore all of the wonderful possibles on how travel can bring you closer together. Although it’s not the full travel map planning portfolio I provide my Wanderlist clients, it can be used on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Because you only have 18 summers, let's start today!

Click here to receive an invitation and create your account today!

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