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Why Should I Use a Travel Agent?

Updated: May 26, 2020

3 Advantages of Working with a Travel Advisor

Often, I get asked, "Why do I need to work with a travel agent when I can book the trip myself online?" It's a fair question. If you have never worked with a travel expert in the past, you've never experienced an ordinary vacation turned into an extraordinary one.

My short answer to this question is, "You absolutely can book your travel online yourself, but why would you want to?" To explain better the why and how behind what travel advisors do for you, check out the top 3 reasons to hire one below.

Extras, Perks, and Value from Our Suppliers

We offer VIP treatment to all of our clients with our industry connections and personal relationships with preferred partners. As a Virtuoso Advisor, we can often provide extra amenities for the same price

. Perks we receive from our partners can include upgrades in hotel rooms/cruise cabins, early or late check-out, free breakfast, resort credits, or complimentary transfers to and from hotels and airports.

Other extras I often provide are welcome gifts when you arrive at your destination. My personal favorite is the personalized document delivery package I provide as your travel advisor. Before you travel, and if you are local, I deliver it in person; otherwise, it arrives by priority mail. The package contains unique items I know will assist you based on your travel style for your specific destination and travel companions.

VIP Service - There's No Do-Over for a Vacation Gone Wrong

Professionals have processes in their business, and my business is no exception. No one wants to spend thousands of dollars on vacation and end up disappointed or regret their decisions concerning their resort, excursions, or amenities.

The key to my service model is to understand your needs and travel style along with the type of memories you want to create with your leisure time. I stay in constant contact with you the others on your trip. I reach out to you before, during, and after you travel. Once I've gotten to know where you and your companions want to go, your budget, and, most importantly, the experiences you wish to have, I book the trip.

After arranging and scheduling all of the travel plans, I follow up a week before your departure and confirm all rooms, tours, and excursion details of the trip. Twenty-four hours before departure, I confirm flight details with the airlines, trains, or buses to ensure there are no issues that can sideline or derail your vacation.

Emergency Experts - You can't predict the inevitable

Even meticulous planners can't anticipate the unexpected. It's nice to have a professional in your corner when things go wrong during your vacation travel. A travel expert can help right the wrongs. Recently, I had clients who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on a transatlantic cruise from Copenhagen to New Orleans. As a courtesy with one of my supplier connections, I was able to get them an upgraded cabin and an onboard credit of $500 to use for dining or excursions. Unfortunately, no one could predict the weather in New Orleans, where they were flying out with a layover in New York before reaching their port in

Copenhagen. Their flight from New Orleans to New York's LaGuardia airport didn't leave on time. The delay was over two hours. I was alerted before they landed in New York that they were going to miss the connecting flight. Before the aircraft landed, I quickly arranged to have them picked up from LaGuardia and transported to JFK airport. The trip from JFK, even though it was on another airline, would ensure they would arrive on time in Copenhagen and not miss the departure of their cruise. I worked out credits with the airlines, arranged delivery of their luggage to the hotel before they were to leave and board the ship. They enjoyed a stress-free dinner and a complimentary bottle of champagne at the hotel in Copenhagen while I took care of all the messy details.

So if you are the type of person who is looking for affordable luxury and are to busy to spend hours online, hoping to find the perfect vacation destination, you need to consider working with a travel expert. Partnering with a trusted travel advisor will deliver better value and extraordinary memories with your loved ones. Our expertise travel safety net and extra amenities provide service you won't get from an online booking engine!

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