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Wondering When We Can Travel Again? Some New Rules to Consider...

Memorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial start of summer and usually summer vacations too! Although the world will not look the same as it did before we entered our quasi-hibernation in March of 2020. The coronavirus will eventually release its grip, and people will return to travel. When we begin to reenter society, will face masks be as standard across the globe as hoodies and blue jeans in the U.S.A.? Will we jump and tense up if someone by us sneezes or coughs?

Many of these questions — don’t yet have firm answers. We all know that the coronavirus has changed the future of travel in the short run. How we book travel, where we go, and our mode of transportation will likely look different during the summer and fall of 2020. From our seat selections on trains and planes to financial and safety risks we’re willing to assume, we’ll emerge from this worldwide crisis. Travel will differ from the days before the pandemic began.

It seems that many new things are going to be happing to ensure safety in travel. Some countries are investigating testing for all travelers who arrive via the airport. The test takes as little as 10 minutes to administer and will check for COVID19. Currently, one step put into practice at most airports is temperature checks before flights. If you are sick, TSA or the flight attendants will send you home. Also, be aware that if you become ill during travel, you will have to quarantine wherever you are before traveling back home.

As of Mid-May, travelers must adhere to self-quarantine measures after traveling to and from parts of the U.S., and we are not allowed to leisure travel out of the country. It’s tough to be sure yet what requirements will be in place domestically or abroad. In these early stages, we will rely on travel advisors like me, who’ve been working in the industry to keep up to date on all the CDC travel guidelines.

So should we cancel our summer vacation? It is dependent on each’s persons personal risk tolerance. The coronavirus pandemic has many people rethinking travel plans. A lot of folks won’t be traveling until there is a vaccine for COVID19. However, some are comfortable with the precautionary steps the travel industry is taking for us to fly again. Some have COVID19 antibodies with little or no risk to future exposure who are ready to return to travel. The short answer to the question is it depends on your emotional timeline and comfort level!

As of today, May 25th, it is not advisable to travel, but don’t cancel your mid-summer trip just yet. If you have plans on August 1st or later this fall, you may want to be flexible. The travel industry is wanting to re-open to the tourists. No one knows what travel is going to look like a month from now. Face masks and temperature checks will likely become the new normal. We don’t know all the requirements yet. The travel industry has already placed stricter cleaning regiments and other protective measures for guests, like no more food buffets. Our government and CDC will also continue to guide travelers. Expect face masks to stay and additional screenings measure or future quarantine timeframes.

Many enthusiastic travelers are asking when restrictions ease, will there be deals out to be had? Or is it a good idea to wait and see which countries open up first? The reality is supply, and demand will likely lean towards the traveler. You will want to be smart about the travel package you buy and, of course, always purchase some travel insurance. Cancel any time policies are expensive and may not always be the right choice, so be sure to look at refundable tickets, tours, and hotel packages.

When working with travel advisors, you will find many hotels, airlines, and tour operators are offering refundable packages up and including a week before travel. Some are also offering low deposit options with full payment two weeks before travel. And as always, be patient, if you do need to cancel a trip. When you book on your own, it’s not uncommon to wait up to 3 or more hours before getting a representative on the line to help you. Why worry about these details when you can use a travel advisor who takes care of any issues!

Is your suitcase ready? Are you one of the adventurers who are willing to explore again? If so, check out one of my other articles called “Top 10 Destinations Ready for Vistors Post Coronavirus Travel Ban” or Click here to schedule a call to discuss safe destinations for later in 2020!

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